What is CoCoVGA?

CoCoVGA is an FPGA-based hardware enhancement for Motorola 6847 VDG-based microcomputers from the 1980s, including the early TRS-80/Tandy Color Computers. It enables VGA video output as well as a few other video improvements.

Will CoCoVGA work in my system?

CoCoVGA should be electrically compatible with any true 6847 (not the T1, usually marked XC80652P). It is also incompatible with the Color Computer 3, which has a GIME instead of a 6847. To help identify whether CoCoVGA will work in your system, please see Compatibility.

What is CoCoVGA's availability?

Kits for some types of Color Computers 1 and 2 and the Dragon are available! Contact us for more information.